The importance of engagement in the digital period is more in the limelight than ever before. Public engagement is how a company interacts to promote their company. Society moved towards a digital form of communication years ago. As time goes by, it’s more so, every year.

The Public Comment Period

There are times when the public engagements of a company are so essential that it can make or break it. Social scientists have done research on these tendencies of people. This shows the need to get in the game of connecting to the right targeted audience for the business. Here are some points.

• When a company engages with that precise audience in the early stages of a company through digital comments, they instigate a meaningful connection.
• Those connections can continue through a digital public comment software.
• Using this allows that same company access to valuable information for success.

The only problem is, the time it takes to gather this data. Then they need to translate it into improvements in customer satisfaction. If that same company had software to handle that for them, they could then begin the more important aspects of running the new business. When a company starts out, time is more valuable than ever. It’s a point of conversation, that the benefits of outsourcing for that avenue of public engagement is a necessity.

Addressing the Issues

One of the largest problems with this concern is that many new companies cannot handle the criticism. Even when they outsource and hire people to do this for them, many companies fail to interact in a way that gets the loyalty of the customer. They should realize that the customer took the time to connect. That’s free surveys. Think about that for a moment. The customer is giving the company something for free that helps them perform better. So what’s the disconnect?

Instead of reacting poorly to the free information given by the customer, why not use that data to improve? After all, the company offers something to the customer. If a customer is going to come back, they have to see an incentive to do so. Nobody can succeed in business if they fail at this. Connecting with that information is the first step to success. Then that same company needs software to handle all this data. SmartComment provides that. It takes the company from a place of reacting poorly to the comment, to a place of using that valuable information to improve.

Hitting the Actual Mark

They have a saying in business about the company that is “too good for the customer.” Yes, they don’t remain in business. The ability to hear the voice of the actual people that your company is trying to reach, is essential for business 101. If your company can’t get on board with that, then say bye to the customer. Your challenge, should you choose to go forth, is to learn how to improve your company and make a profit. Here’s how you do that.

• Look at the criticisms. They are the challenge.
• Remove ego from the “view” of the company. Listen to the customer.
• Take the advice and create a category. Save it in a data column.
• Have a way to measure all that data.
• Then look at the similarities of what the customer’s criticisms are for improvements.
• Create an action plan to implement those things.
• Reach out to the customers and create a digital public comment that addresses the issue. Show the resolution.

This is a process that the successful companies understand. Ego is no place for a business. It will end in success every time. The ability to truly listen to what the customers want, and then tell them how, is how the Steve Jobs of the world created success. Communicating to the customers their importance, is addressing the concern. That says that the company cares. That’s a huge motivator. Loyalty follows every time. People want to feel valued. Even as customers, they want to belong and feel valued. That’s the key to success. If a company is going to win, they must grasp that.


This valuable public comment period is how you win. Get the data, and learn how to optimize it for a better public image, and to gain loyalty from the customers. It goes even deeper, though. There’s actually a way to use the information that is free, remember, to identify the “people” of the company. The “people” are those customers that have commonalities. The ability to identify an exact type of audience is how a company creates a successful ad campaign to grow even further.

This is also how a focus group initiates. The company can incentivize the comments from the customer feedback to continue this valuable interaction. Far too often, a company actually drives those customers away. Instead, gather that valuable data. Even data that seem irrelevant can one day matter.

This actually goes further. The public should be part of the process of growth. When the company goes from “we” to “us,” they’ve grown with the customer. That sense of “us” is basic behavioral science in action. NASA and C-SPAN know this and use it every day. Connecting is a human reaction that is essential for a successful business to grasp.

Public Relations

That’s why government organizations have public relations departments. Most businesses do too. In this age of instant communication, that is the most important department. Watch the evening news to see what happens when somebody fails at this. When a company has the above-mentioned, valuable data, they can create a strong public relations department virtually using software. Never underestimate the importance of that. When a company wins at this, they succeed, and they end up in the news for all the right reasons.

Those early days are important. Even if a company has failed to catch that window of precious time, it’s never too late. When a company uses SmartComment for their public engagement, they win. It catches the timing going forward, and steers the company back on track for success. Years of valuable research created the software to help companies win at this public relations challenge. The competition is waiting for those new businesses to fail. When those same business have something like this in place, they won’t fail. They’ll dominate.